Breathing problem?

After running for approx 5/6 mins I get the feeling that I can't breath properly. I almost panic as no matter how deep a breath I try to take I dont seem to be able to inhale fully and end up taking lots of short breaths. The feeling does wear off after a short while but today this happened to me twice during a 3 mile run. Has anyone any ideas as to why this is happening and if there is anything I can do to alleviate it? I don't suffer with asthma, hayfever and do not have a chest infection.


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  • I'm asthmatic and hayfever too especially at this time of the year when the grass is being cut so it could be that. I have two puffs of both my inhalers before I set out, they seem to help a great deal.

    Try to relax too when this starts as short sharp gasps will make it much worse. I know thats sometimes easier said than done though. Good luck :)

  • It could be the affect of the warmer weather also, if you feel it coming on slow down as much as possible until it passes.

    Might be worth paying the GP a visit to get it checked out.

  • Thanks - will try all your advice and see what happens :)

  • I get that now and again hadnt had it for a while but, funnily enough I had it for most of the first 3 miles of my run last night but did do 5 so my body obviously coped on shorter shallower breaths! I associate it with being very tired (as in not enough sleep) and a bit of tension/worry as to how I will cope when I start out feeling so tired! I also tend to hunch my shoulders a little when I work hard on a run, which obviously can impeded breathing, so have to actively tell myself to relax as I run!

  • This sounds just like me as sleeping has been an issue due to the heat and I do feel quite tired before I start my run. It does get better when I start to relax so this must be whats wrong. I just panicked a little when I felt I couldn't breath but I am still alive so I must be ok lol :)

  • Having said that it is worth checking with gp as I was diagnosed with (slight) asthma and started having hay fever symptoms when I was about 35!

  • Just start slow :)

  • Thanks everyone for all your help :)

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