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Need advise to be prepare this time restarting after work today

Hello everyone, i need help and advise on how to avoid shin splints this time round. Been away from the program since january. I decided its time to give it a go again. Month ago i joined the 5k program but had to stop by wk2 because i suffer from terrible shin splints that nothing i did helped. Even my dr told me to stop. I invested in good trainers, good insoles, but everytime i run i was in agonising pain for days. I even tried running in our local park on the edges on the running area ( on the grass). As i was told pounding the concrete was causing the pain as i was overweight.

I really want to give it a go again, and improve my fitness and weight.

Any advice welcome.

By the way .., i walk everyday...whenever possible and enjoy it. But running is my aim.

Thank you

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I know you said you got good trainers, but did you get gait analysis from a sport shop? I had shin splints when I started C25K, I couldn't believe how painful it shoes made all the difference...other than shoes, I can't really advise you, sorry.


As someone who has been crippled with shin splints since May I understand your angst. I am waiting for a letter from the physio but I feel that hell may freeze over before I hear anything.

I am planning my return to running but I am fearful that it will recur.

If you've not run since January chances are your shin splints will have healed. I think the way back is to do run walks, same as C25k or indeed try for a repeat of the programme. I am going to start off with 4 minute walk followed by 1 minute run and repeat 4 - 6 times. See how I feel after that. I still have C25k podcasts so can give those a whirl as well.

I think cross training is the thing. Building back up to full strength. When your shin splints are bad you are limited to what exercise you can do. I've been eating healthily so that when I do return I will be in good health. I've actually lost weight! So I won't be hauling any ballast round with me.

Exercising at home to DVD's or going to the gym, swimming or cycling etc are good cross training exercises and will help you with your weight loss but you have to eat healthily!!! If you're not then you will struggle with your weight and return to fitness. Shin splints are stress fractures so eat good food to assist the healing process. Lots of leafy green veggies, fruit, salads, lean proteins, small amounts of nuts and dried fruits. Clear the decks of food that hinders progress. You have to be single minded but you're worth it!

Let me know how you get on. We can compare notes. Apparently it takes 90 days for healing to be completed, obviously that won't apply to everyone if the SS isn't too bad. That puts my return at the end of August but I am going to the seaside and thought I'd risk a run on the trail and beach, which is somewhat softer than pounding the pavements. Unless of course I hear different from the physio. At the moment all I've heard is total silence. Hmmm



The weather was wet & windy in the evening so didn't go for a run...

Today after work i'm planning to go ... I have re-downloaded the C25k podcast which will be my guidance today... I will try and avoid tarmac... And go to the local park on edges of soft grass. Hopefully i will not look too silly.

Diet wise, i have adopted healthy eating discipline for a few months now & drink plenty of water. No weight loss yet but feeling energised to be more active. Last time i made a mistake a did zumba on rest days, i am hoping to take a days rest right after runing day & zumba @ home following rest day. Hopefully the shin splints will not return...

I know it will be a struggle today as i have not done it for months... Thank you for sharing your own experience... Please let keep in touch. I appreciate your encouragements.



I am planning to get a gait analysis soon... Hopefully i will not need to spend a fortune for specific trainers but just a very good insole so that i carry on using my current trainers with them


Did you get a insole with a raised arch or just a gel one?


I bought an insole from Boots the chemist £30 with a raised arch... It feels ok but i don't know if i need a specific one for runners from a sports shop...


I wouldn't think so

I have this one


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