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Just completed 25mins non stop and in the rain. Not very fast yet during the run but did manage to up the pace as Laura suggested for the last minute. A good app to use as well is the Nike+gps. It costs a £1.49 but it well spent I think because it tracks where you run and the distance and speed. When I graduate I'll be using this all the while as there is loads more that it will as well. To everyone who is doing this, keep going as it does get easier as your fitness level increases.

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Good job on finishing week 6. I thought week 5 would be the hardest, but week 6 was surprisingly challenging. I think it gets easier from here. :)


Another fine app is MotionX GPS which does the same and displays your route on a satellite map. Also gives current speed (when recording), max and average speeds for the run and total ascent and descent. Similar sort of price.

I'm on W6R3 today and not looking forward to it much but I want to get it behind me.


well done for completing week 6, I personally found it to be the toughest week!


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