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Cant wait for W1R3!

I don’t believe that I wrote the above title and more to the point, really mean it!

Run 2 was again hard & really pushed me but isn’t that exactly the point of this?

My 11 year old daughter (who represents the school at cross country) & my ex-gym bunny friend (who hasn’t run for a year due to injury) came with me for support and my dog came just to get in the way. It was like a family outing!

I once again, afterwards, had a head like a beetroot for a couple of hours & my friend had the good grace to have a slight sheen to her face but my daughter looked as though she could have run for hours, but she had no problems dropping off to sleep that night whereas she normally complains that she can’t sleep.

I am getting weighed at my slimming club tonight & will profusely thank the lady that recommended C25K to me last week, I think she has changed my life.

Am doing R3 tonight but will be doing R3 again on Fri. I plan to run Mon/Wed/Fri but last Sat when I bought my running shoes, I just couldn’t wait until Monday to start so threw in an extra run this week, which can’t hurt.

I started taking the stairs at work instead of the lift a week ago today & have noticed a difference already which just proves that, little by little, things are improving.

I know I have rambled but importantly I would like to thank each & every person on this website. Your support & encouragement is totally incredible & was definitely one of the things that inspired me to start this amazing program.

Jo x

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Welcome. What a lovely positive outlook you have. Is it C25K that has given you this buzz? You echo all my thoughts about the programme and the website. It DOES seem life-changing, doesn't it? I'm on W2R2 - tonight hopefully - and I can't remember the last time I felt so upbeat. It sounds like you're going to have a great 9 weeks. Good luck and enjoy, enjoy.

P.S. Beetroot must be the seasonal colour, we're all sporting it!


It's addictive this running thing and you have got the bug. Don't worry if your weight doesn't drop to start with - you may need to build muscle (although your shape will change). Weight loss comes when you are running longer and that happens really quickly. But as you are finding it changes you attitude and you get that skip in your step ...


Just started week 2 and i know how you are feeling. Part of the motivation is the fact that if you enjoy your run you can come on this forum and say I Loved it or it has not happened to me YET but i have a rubbish run or i cant complete a run then i will come on here tell please and get some good sound advise from people who have been the same position. Well Done keep it up and let us know how it is going. M


Same feeling here! I did my w1r2 today and I can't wait till friday for run 3! If I feel this good after only two days of running, I can't imagine how it will be when I finish the program!


It is great to hear such positive talk as you are starting out. And it's also amazing that you already know that it is life changing; it really is!


Feel the same, can't wait till W1R3 on Friday. I never believed i'd run...


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