after my rest day i felt worse when i set off, couldnt get into it for ages, so out of breath, but i carried on, did the route the other way round, oddly, i dont like going that way so back to the other way tomorrow, moving my rest day to Fri as im working on Fri morning and its too hot in the afternoon to jog....my dogs are loving this though, and i saw a deer this morning.


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  • It will get better I promise! I always found the first part harder and, as you will discover, it does take a while to get going as your body needs to do physiological stuff (technical term!) to get the oxygen moving around you. This is more noticeable as you get further through the plan. One thing that I found helped a lot was to take a longer warm up walk to get myself properly warm. I just walked for about 5 minutes before starting the podcast. The first 10 minutes or so are still hard but knowing that you will get into your stride gets you through that part and then you are away...striding like a gazelle into the wilderness 🐎 ( I know that's a horse but I don't have a gazelle emoji) Good luck!

  • thank you, im determined to do this x

  • It does get easier, I found the first couple of weeks before you could get a decent pace/rhythm you were slowing down again.

  • yes, im sure it will get easier, thats what i keep saying as i plod along haha

  • Well done! but it's early days yet, keep it slow & steady. Yes, the dogs love it, but as go on and do the continuous running it may be best not to take them, so concentrating properly on the programme..😊

  • If you haven't done this type of exercise for a while you may want to consider having 2 rest days between your runs so that your body has more time to recover during the early weeks. Also, I'll say it, slow down, even if you think you are going really slowly, ease back just a little and the run will become more manageable.

    I also hate doing my routes in reverse, it just feels wrong and uncomfortable.

  • Im really going very very slow, its only just faster than a fast walk haha, ive never jogged before, the dogs are young and im only out a half hour so it will be ok for them, i dont intend to be that runner that you see dashing along day in day out, im looking to be able to jog along without being the colour of beetroot and out of breath, i know it will be good for me in the end

  • It is strange how sutble changes can suddenly throw our routines out of whack, especially in the early stages but don't worry things will settle and you will find a good rhythm again 😊

    Keep at it, you are doing great ☺

  • thanks, weird how going the wrong way was so wrong

  • I'm another one blessed with the "must take a particular direction" gift.

    I guess it shows how running is a subtle blend of the mental & physical. :)

  • i thought id enjoy the scenery the other way round..nope !!!

  • Listen to the advice, keep taking it steady and you will get back into your rhythm again! :)

  • yes, im listening and taking it all on board

  • The first 10 mins or so are usually the hardest, that's why I said slow & steady,there are good reasons why we say these things.

    A lot of newbies have the intentions of not improving their performance, but eventually most want to improve further.

    I'm sure it will be OK for the dog's, but the programme's for you not them! It's not dog basket to 5k...😀

  • haha they wont be doing any 5k thats for sure

  • You are doing the 9 week programme, aren't you? It sounds to me as if you're trying to go from 0 to 30 mins. Perfectly possible! I've done it in my younger years. It's doable once, twice even 3 times, but not sustainable because the basis isn't there. Build up with the walk/run rhythm on the programme and it works. If you're doing that anyway, please ignore! I got the wrong end of the stick!

    Well done anyway!

  • yes im doing the walk/jog if i tried just to jog id probably be dead now haha

  • Is it just me, or do the deer give you that 'ha, you think _that_ is running, watch me leap through the undergrowth' look as well? :-).

  • i could swear it was laughing at me

  • Sounds like you're doing fine! Keep going!

  • I'm on the same as you an I struggled today. My shins hurt too tho. Just muscles that are hardly used I suppose. Good luck on wk2 x

  • do you have good shoes? i dont yet, going to look on Fri, my hips hurt a lot :( but at least i didnt have to climb the stairs on my hands and knees today haha, good luck to you on your next run

  • Don't let those dogs push you too fast. They make it look effortless.

  • i try to rein them in, they get a bit carried away

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