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Am I doing OK ?

OMG I've just completed W3R1 and it was EASY - I have struggled over week one and two running over fields (up and down hills) sunday I did a road run easiser but tonight having brought new trainers I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill it was heaven.I ran at 7KM but on flat and could have easily gone quicker HOWEVER my very slim fit young daughter who is on week 5 thinks I'm cheating should I not be running on a treadmill? and am I going too slow?

I had major spinal surgery three years ago and have joint problems so personally I think I'm doing really well - can't wait for thursday!

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The treadmill is certainly easier but that doesn't mean you should dismiss it. I did my first few weeks in the treadmill and, for me, I liked the fact that I could gradually set the speed a little higher each time to push myself a little more. Then, when it got to the longer runs, it made it easy to pace myself by starting on a slower pace than I'd been used to. Later on, I did a mixture of treadmill runs and outdoor runs - if I was on the treadmill I played around with the speeds a bit - when outdoors I just set out to run for the set time and didn't worry about speed at all, the extra challenge of hills and changing surfaces to run on were quite enough to deal with !

You're doing fine. I think a mixture of treadmill and outdoor running can give a good balance.


Lots of people run on treadmills, lots outside and lots do both, it really doesn't matter, treadmill is supposed to be easier (I'm an outsider myself so can't really comment) but you should have it on a 1% incline.

Speed is entirely your choice, you should run at a speed that you can complete the run. There is no point running fast if you can't make it to the end or, worse, injure yourself.

The most important thing is that you are doing it. Threaten to ground your daughter if she says anything like that again! :)

Well done on such a good run and keep it up.


Yes, the treadmill is easier, but you can compensate for that by having at least a 1% incline (or a bit more, if you feel inspired), and by going faster. IF you want to, and you can still finish. You really can't cheat on this program if you are running when Laura tells you to, no matter where, no matter how slow. The only difference is how you are prepared for "bonus" challenges in future runs. If you push yourself now on speed, future runs may be faster. If you push yourself on hills, terrain may be easier in the future. But if you run at a slow, easy pace on your treadmill at 0% the whole program, you are still succeeding. And you know your body - if you think you are doing as much as you feel comfortable doing, then terrific! Congrats on week 3. It was possibly my favorite week so far. :)


Well done for completing w3r1!

I think so long as your moving your doing it right and if there is one thing this forum has taught me is that there is no such thing as too slow. It's probably the reason why I personally have really got into this program as there is no pressure. I'm actually the opposit from you. I started running on a treadmill until week 4 run 2 when I went road running and I found it much easier then w4r1. I suppose it's the old adage of 'a change is as good as a break' :) :)


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