Couch to 5K

5Km in 31 mins - Success!

I started this at the end of March, having been encouraged by a graduate! And I never thought I would do the longer runs. I "broke away" at week 8 with my own music carefully timed from itunes, and the following week downloaded "CardioTrainer" for free - recommend it. I now run up and down hills to vary my styles and give my knees and muscles a change of scene. I have continued to improve and can do 5Km in 31 mins, and am now going to try and increase my distances rather than shorten my 5K time.

I can't praise this series of podcasts enough. It truely works - and I am pleased to tell anyone who cares to listen. I haven't lost an ounce of weight, but as my little helper on my phone tells me I have run 52.5km in May in total it must be doing some good! Keep going you new starters!

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Yay, well done! I too want to build up distance rather than speed and am so far really loving the podcasts (going to do W2R1 tomorrow so still early days). I've got a R4L in July that the podcasts should just about take me up to then I'll be looking at putting together my own music - will check out 'cardiotrainer', free is always good! It's great to read about everyone's experiences, it really spurs me on.


Gosh, you are going like lightening to complete 5k in 31 mins! I did 3.5k this morning in 30 mins!!! Although, I keep telling myself I'm not interested in distance and that I'm only building stamina, but you are going great guns!! Well done. What is Cardio Trainer? What does it focus on, apart from the obvious of course?


I have a galaxy HTC phone not an iphone so I searched for one on the net and it was top of the list. It keeps a map of each run, distance, average speed, a running total of total distance for month (52.5km for May - whoop!), calories used etc, and all while it allows me to play my own running music and talking to me also - tells you distance travelled, speed and time- there are other settings that I haven't bothered to investigate. And now I'm feeling guilty as I should be out there tonight, but feeling bone-tired and not at all confident I wouldn't just keel over, so am going to give it a miss. And it doesn't feel like lightening - I think its because I have made myself go up hills - the flat feels OK then. And the fact that the little man tells you your average speed - Laura doesn't do that - so pacing yourself is a target. good luck at building up your time/speed - I want to try a parkrun - but my nearest one is won every week by a student at my school - 10mins faster than me - and I'm not up for that yet! On the day I am fast, streamlined and pony-tail bouncing I may give it a go!


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