Couch to 5K

Done - W5R3, Does anyone know the science behind our ability to go from 8 minutes to 20?

Did mine early this morning and didn't think about stopping once. At the 12 minute mark I even went to this weird place where I was 'running', it felt light, easy and almost effortless, what was that? Mind you, reality did come back about six minutes later, but I did enjoy that feeling.

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No but it works. What I don't understand is why W6R1 is so tough after W5R3 (for most people anyway).

Well done so far.


That "sweet spot" is what we used to call a runner's high....lovely while it lasts, isn't it? Having been out of the sport for several years I can only say that at one time that "high" was associated with the release of endorphins (yes, just like a drug) during long distance running. But, sadly, it eventually fades away to be replaced by "how did I get here?"


If you Google "runners high" or "endorphins" you will come up with several interesting articles....


Haha...I am training to be a science teacher, I am a scientist. It isn't science silly - its magic. ;)


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