Couch to 5K

W8 R2 done on 2nd attempt

Managed to get back on track this morning. Had been doing fine then run 2 of week 8 had to give up at 15 minutes. Hadn't been feeling great before I went out. Had to keep convincing myself I could do it this morning and it got easier after halfway. i wonder if more frequent time checks in the long runs might help.

Struggling to find a sensible route from home now I'm running for longer. My old route of through the woods, round the park, round the football pitch just isn't quite long enough now . Have added some loops but it may need to try another direction.

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Well done you. It really it mind over matter, I still spend the first 5 minutes of every run convincing myself not to stop dead and go home. I have also had to sit and map out new routes, but am now running to places that I used to think were miles away!


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