Should I be drinking lots before I run?

Hi, I do my runs first thing in the morning - set alarm, get up, quick drink of water and off I go usually around 6am. Am just starting week 3 - my question is should I have more to drink before I go? As soon as I get back I drink lots and am drinking a fair amount throught the day too. I dont feel dehydrated but am new to all this running!

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  • I am not sure I would worry too much about it for a while whilst the distances are shorter.

    I always did exactly the same, just had a mouthfull of water to get rid of the morning bottom of bird cage sensation!

    If you are generally reasonably hydrated then the 'literature' reckons you don't need to carry a drink until you are running more than an hour (or just stepping outside in today's temperatures :-( )

  • Agree with Greg. I used to just get up, have a glass of water and go. Works if you are hydrated from previous day.

  • Same as Greg & Ali, I drink a couple of glasses and then out the door. I do drink at least 4-5 litres a day though (due to diet). I started to carry a small bottle of water with me from around W7 onwards as I was quite thirsty by the end, again that is probably because I drink so much (water is addictive, the more you drink the more you want!)

  • I find a cup of tea (no milk) peppermint or similar + a glass of water works well for me, I also have a small banana.

  • Ahh thanks guys - I knew you'd help! I'll carry on then - early works for me, thanks so much!

  • I can't seem to win with this one, if I have a drink before I go for a run (a small glass of diluted squash about an hour before) I have to stop and pee in a bush - this has happened 3 times now, but when I don't drink anything I get stitch and spend the last few minutes of my run and the warm down in agony :-)

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