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Going on holiday but have packed my trainers....good idea or not?

I am supposed to be on week 6, I say supposed as I only managed week 6 run 1 on Monday & nothing since :-( I really struggled on Monday as well & felt quite despondent after my elation at achievement in week 5. I hit week 6 with a bump & a have dented my confidence :-(

I am going on holiday abroad tomorrow and the hotel has a gym, so I have optimistically packed my trainers & podcast of course, to use the gym & do week 6 next week. Is this a good idea or should I have 10 days break? Finding it hard to get motivated after finding run 1 so hard - not sure if I need a virtual kick up the bum or some motivation - could do with some advice etc etc


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i'd have a go on holiday if i were you. in my early days on the programme i was away for work and ran in the hotel gym (i normally run outside). If you normally run outside have a look at lie of the land and if looks ok and is safe to do so run outside/

have a fab holiday :)


First of all, Iam with you!! I found W6R1 difficult for the same reasons as you and also it felt like a backwards step to decrease your runs after the 20 minutes of W5R3. But after W6R2 the runs increase and there are no more walky bits! I think that should spur you on again. Iam at that stage and looking forward to the challenge of these next few weeks. It is sooo hard but we will do it. Take your trainers on hols and give it a go :) Looking at what I have just written, it sounds as if Iam breezing through this. Iam not! But we will do this with the support from the folks on here! Good luck and enjoy your hols :D


I took my trainers and shorts!! to Mexico and ran in 26-32C and 85% humidity at 6.00am every other day last year. It was wonderful, the birds were out singing and the large hotel we stayed at had a change over of staff at about 6.30 so they all used to call out and wave as I went passed. Many of the waitresses would recognise me in the restaurant in the morning at breakfast and were amazed when I said I did 4 sometimes 5 laps of 800M circuit. I did look into the gym but decided it wasn't for me, it was too darn cold!!!!!

So take your running things and give it a go, you won't regret it I'm sure.


So many people have said the same about W6,R1, me included. I think Laura herself identified it as her most difficult one too. But I promise you'll get past it and get remotivated if you stick with it. Why not take the trainers and see how you go. Nothing lost from taking them along, even if you only do one run,or none at all. It took me over 9 weeks to complete for one reason or another, but it's no big deal and the sense of achievement you feel upon completion is brilliant.

Have a great holiday :)


Yes take you stuff with you and run. W6R1 is horrible, it should be easy after W5R3 but it isn't, most people find this. Don't be dispondant or demotivatied by it, just crack on to R2 and you won't have to run R1 ever again.

Have a great holiday


Yes take your's better to bring it rather than not and wish that you had. Im going away for 2 weeks all inclusive in July and already worrting about running on my hols..I'm really hoping I will find somewhere safe to run!! Have a fantastic holiday!! Let us know how you get on and well done on getting this far!! ;)


Thank you all for your help - I have packed my running gear - I am staying all inclusive so will check out the hotel complex for running potential (Thanks Oldgirl) & failing that I will head to the onsite gym.

I think you are right Mirella, I thought I'd cracked it by getting through week 5 run 3 & expected going back to intervals to be easier. I will take all of the advice given & will use them to spur me on over the next 10 days.

Will update when I'm back on 8th June

Thanks all, I really appreciate it



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