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51, absolutely no sport for the past 33 years and miraculously finished/enjoyed week 1

It's Sunday and the proverbial day of rest. I just thought I'd sign in and let fellow week one graduates known that I'm with them all the way. I spent last week reading all the blogs and questions and getting great encouragement from them.

I must admit that I went for a first try a couple of months ago and failed to complete W1R1. I was overdressed – T-shirt, fleece AND raincoat and my old walking boots (yes, boots!). I didn’t manage to download the podcast properly so used my ipod as a stopwatch to shamble along.. Needless to say I didn’t finish it. I ended up with most of my clothes tied around my waist, aching hot feet and a serious case of disappointment. It was so hard and my breathing was crazily bad.

Last week I just felt ready to try again. I was pretty convinced I wouldn't make it - 60 seconds seemed so long the last time. Better dressed (new but cheap trainers will need to be replaced asap) I got out there. It has been a great week - great for my poor old body and for my morale. A real plus too has been the fact that my identical twin sister (in the same position as me but not the same country!) joined me and we're doing the C25K together.

Yesterday morning I did W1R3 and am transformed! It was so much easier and I am amazed at how quickly your body “picks up”. Despite years of neglect the muscles just know what to do and how to recuperate! I’m still the same 51 year old out of condition person I was a week ago, but in my head I’m on the path to being a runner.

Isn’t it incredible how big a lift this gives you psychologically? I don’t feel too worried about 90 seconds next week, but 3 minutes sounds long FOR NOW. The difference is that I know that will change. Isn’t this great? Good luck to all of you and, above all, ENJOY!!

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Well done! Im so glad youre not running in boots any more ;) That must have been SO difficult! It does lift you SO much psychologically. I tend to be an anxious person and even thats disappearing - i think the sunshine may be helping as well! Im sure my stomachs shrinking already or maybe thats just wishful thinking.

As soon as oyu can afford it, get your gait analysed and get some proper shoes - it will make all the difference. I did this after only week 1 run 1 cos I ran in battered old Reeboks and I thought my legs were going to kill me. The difference now is amazing! Good luck, Keep going! :D


Glad to hear you have the bug, it's an amazing programme. I was like you when I started (not with the walking boots) and I'm starting week 6 tomorrow. You will be there soon I can see you have the right mindset. Prepare for the journey of your life. Enjoy x


Good on ya! You sound like you have a great attitude , enjoy the ride ,it is wonderful!:-)


Good luck to you and your sister, I too had not excercised for years but its an amazing program, and a great feeling when you finish each week


Keep going nevertoolate! 3 months ago I was just like you (except I didn't have the confidence to run outside so stuck to a treadmill for the early weeks) and I have to say that this programme really does work and I am bitten by the running bug! You'll find lots of good support on this site too :-)


I'm with you every step nevertoolate....64 and running again after an absence of 23 years! Good luck to you and your sister.


Thanks everyone for your welcoming words. I feel that I can really do this. I've been trying to take it easy all day and let my muscles relax and repair before tomorrow. I've been chomping at the bit to get out and I just know I'll be up at 6.00 a.m. and ready for the off!

I don't know how many ex-smokers there are out there, but I quit ten years ago and I feel the same sense of confidence and pleasure that I had then. I used the Allen Carr method, which basically teaches you that stopping smoking is a positive experience. It's the same here - I worry about not being able to make it (and suffering!), but have a joyful certainty that I can.

Good luck to you all and thanks again for the words of encouragement.


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