Finished week 5 - roll on week 6!

Delighted with myself - actually ran 23 mins none stop! I left it until this evening as it was just too hot to do it before then. Can't believe that in just 5 weeks I have gone from nearly passing out after 1 minute to 23 - without too much difficulty. It was very slow though as I was afraid I would tire myself out. Looking forward to week 6 and maybe trying to build up some speed.

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  • I started week 6 today. I stuggled to run 1 min 6 wks ago. So was really happy with 20min. I am normally very slow but today even I got up some speed. If I can do it anyone can. Good luck with wk 6.

  • Eggs - I did W5R3 o Thursday and am still smugger than a smug thing at my old Doubting Thomas self. Like you I found the first run a shock to the system and every one since has tested me but I am delighted to be here and cracking on.

    Slowbutsure - on to W6 on Sunday and I am looking forward to it. Isn't this programme well put together to keep us wanting to push ourselves that bit further?

  • I am literally just about to go out and do w5r3 and i am sooo nervous :/ wish me luck

  • best of luck - you can do it

  • Well done eggs! I just did w5r3 too and was amazed I managed it and even felt like I could have gone on a bit longer, I was nervous too beforehand but I found once you get past the first five mins it's not that bad!!

  • Well done! like you I was struggling with the 1min run! I actually had to give up on one and stand leaning up a lampost!!!

    i am also at the same stage as you now and find it amazing!

    anyway keep it up and good luck to you!

  • wOW its so fantastic to read all just about to start week 2 and I laugh when I think of myself running longer than 2 mins!!! haha - but this just wantd me to prove myself wrong ;)

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