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Week 7 run 1 done and dusted am I relieved or what?!

Well I have to admit that i wasn't looking forward to this run. :)

I should have done it yesterday but my schedule was up the creek so I thought it would be best to do it in the morning before it gets too hot. I read about you all saying that the heat is a problem ... try it here in Spain ... it is either very late or very early or just get on with it at whatever time you can fit it in. :) Although I must say that it is amazing at how you acclimatize and kind of get used to it

I take my smaller dog Charley with me and she loves it and never complains .... so I owe it to her now to keep on keepin on! :)

I was so surprised ... it was OK and I found that my mind had wandered and before I knew it Laura was saying that I only had five minutes to go. :)

Knees are a bit sore but I need to do some more strength training to help them along.

I say again ... this program is fab! :)

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Well done!


You made me smile! I am in West Africa and heat is the issue for me too - have been reading all the comments about people running in the UK's current "heatwave" and thinking much like you: "come and try it here!" If you are not out and back before 7.30 then there is no point even trying!

I also totally agree with you that this programme is FAB! I managed week 8 run 1 today - and if you told me 8 weeks ago that I would have managed to run for 28 minutes I'd have laughed at you! But I did it! What a high!!


Oh well done you! :)

I did week 7 run 2 this morning. My right knee is grumbling a bit but I just rest it for an extra day and it is OK. I just need to build a bit of muscle as my lower body is a bit weak! :(

I too would have never thought I could run for 25mins. and feel like I could do a bit more at the end.

Yes I feel for you with your heat as it will be higher than here ... but do smile at all of my fellow Brits bemoaning the heat.

In the winter it will be the cold ... we just have to pick the right time and ... go for it. It pays off in the end ... so keep on keeping on my friend! :) Take care!


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