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Motivated at 6am, to conquer WK 8 run!

Getting out of my pit in the morning is a challenge in its self, but to do the first run of week 8, am I rather mad. Actually I found the whole thing invigorating, I chomped on a banana first, didn't turn in bananaman though. I put my running kit on, ipod ready, and off I went with the gentle nudge from our Laura, at first I felt like a vampire, I'm not used to sun, I felt let down that their wasn't a rain cloud insight. Did my warm up, then I started to run, but today I wanted to concentrate on slowing my pace, as on my previous run I did my first mile to fast, leaving me fighting the next tortuous neverending incline. I think I cracked my pace today, after the 28 of running I more or less did 3 mile, its amazing how far you can go in an extra 3 mins. Am I on track, will I do another 6am run? One thing for sure I am pleased with how far c25k has taken me. I just wish there was a 10k podcast with Laura's gentle prompts.

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It's tough getting up and out but so worth it! You managed to run for 28 minutes so I would say you are on track! Well done!


Thank you, I just hope I keep momentum after I graduate next week.


Well done, you have caught the bug ;)

I have a 10k training app and I spend much of my time cursing the poor innocent voice that shouts RUN and WALK, this voice treats me like I'm in boot camp!! I have told her to just shut up on numerous occasions! I miss the softly softly approach of our Laura ;)


I just like the boot camp format lol. So since you've graduated do you still do 3 runs a week. Or is the workout totally different on 10k training.


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