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Wk 8 run 2.. Struggling a bit..

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Hi I'm on wk 8 run 2, I've stuck to the plan all the way through. I am so proud of myself for getting this far.. But I don't seem to be enjoying it as much as when I first started. Anyone else feel like this? I won't give up because I want to continue running. After my previous run I felt a bit sore on the right side of my hip and again today after the run and now there is a slight twinge when I move so I hope that isn't going to last.. . But I just want the early stages of euphoria to return! Any inspiration or if others have felt like this at week 8, I'd love to hear from you x

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Well done on your progress.

Can you speak aloud, clear, ungasping sentences as you run?.........if not, you are going too fast.

Slowing down to the recommended easy conversational pace makes it more achievable and for most, more enjoyable.

You may find distraction helpful, so that the last things you think about are time and the physicality of running. If music doesn't do it, try podcasts or audiobooks. I used to give myself a running commentary on everything that I could see, hear, feel and smell as I ran, in full florid sentences.

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CJAY46 in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks for the tips., I like the commentary idea and being aware of surroundings.. I do feel like I'm running really slow though, but I am out of breath.. Maybe I'm running faster than I realise. I will take your tips on board. 👍

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Another thing you might like to try is to vary the route you're running. A change of scenery might stop things getting boring.

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I had a bit of a ‘meh’ week with week 7. I struggled more, got all concerned about my running style and speed, had hip aches I hadn’t had before and generally felt I wasn’t doing it right.

I did have a tough time with some personal stuff the week before so I don’t know if it had carried forward with me somehow. Maybe I was more tired than I realised.

I also think maybe because you’re running further with no gaps for walking to break things up, you definitely need a way to take your mind off the distance. I do play music I can sing along to (and do!) but think I’ll try podcasts soon. I also look around me a lot and admire the lovely countryside, think about my todo list, think how great I’ll feel when I’ve finished! I know I need to vary my route a bit too but at the moment I just don’t want to jinx it!! 🤦‍♀️

I always look on here the night before a run and read the inspirational stories. Then another quick look in the morning before I go out. Then when I feel a tough bit on the run, I think about writing my ‘I did it’ blurb for w9r3 (this Friday for me!)

Maybe it’s just not your week? Don’t worry, when you start week 9 you’ll feel so different because you’re on the home straight 👍🏼 How great that you’re nearly there! 👏

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I don't generally 'enjoy' running. I'm an ex- 60 year old bodybuilder who runs because:-

1) It keep my ticker going.

2) Boosts serotonin, we all need this in these 'dark days'

3) I run for all those that can't (like my wife who has angina)

4) Because I can...

I generally have aches and pains and twinges all over - take an anti-inflammatory and thank the lucky stars that you had the mental strength to start this program.

Remember, if you have a problem slow down - you're still 'running'.

I now get out 4 days a week for 5K's (rain or shine) not really loving it but appreciating all the positive side effects it brings.



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It may be because all runs are the same from here and you know C25K is coming to an end. I had a similar feeling. I liked the variety of the earlier weeks and the gradual increase in challenge. Are you listening to some mood-boosting music as you run? Try changing the route as a fellow runner suggested. Try changing the time when you go out running. Perhaps have a few extra days off to allow the niggle in your hip to ease. Good luck with completing the program.

Thanks for your replies. Honestly this forum has so many nice people on here, always positive messages and cheering each other on. That's why I asked for inspiration and that's what you guys have given me. I will give it a few days for the niggle in my hips to go, and I think Twinkl66 your right, it's probably because Im getting near the end. I will take all your tips on board and I will think of all your lovely messages when I'm next running and I am sure the positive side effects will come back x

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IamnowGraduate in reply to CJAY46

Hi CJAY46, just wondered how you're getting on now (I've just read your posts from 3 weeks ago). I've just finished week 8 and every run this week has felt pretty awful and I feel as if I couldn't go any slower apart from the last 5 minutes when I feel I can run a little better. My last run in week 7 felt amazing and I'm disappointed that I haven't experienced any 'amazingness' this week. I'm determined to keep going one step at a time. Did you continue and make it through week 9? Are you still running? If so how does it feel now. Don't worry if your reply is negative or positive, it's good to hear how it really is. I'm still feeling determined to carry on trying running at least for a few more months. I really admire everyone on this forum for giving running a go, (I want to try to make it work for me too,) it's been great reading about all your achievements and struggles - very encouraging.

Hi there, thanks for your message Iamnow. I would advise on keep going, slowing down is the key and take in what's around you rather than thinking when is this over like I was doing lol... I took on board all the tips and I started to enjoy it again, so you will too I am sure, plus reading people's messages on here really helped to motivate me.. However my experience doesn't end well, I got to my very last run wk9 run3.. And the niggle I had just got worse after about 10 minutes in, so I had to stop and I've sadly not been able to run since, it's been 2 weeks now, the pain has got better but if I put any pressure on my leg the pain is there. I am a little sad and envious when I see others running as I miss the high afterwards. But don't let my experience put you off, I did hesitate in responding but it would of been rude not to.. But honestly I'm sure you will start to feel the amazingness come back. I am going to continue to walk the 5k everyday and just hope I can run again in the future. :-) keep me posted on how your getting on!

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Hi CJay46, thanks so much for your message and your encouragement. I'm so sorry that you're suffering with leg pain which is preventing you from running, but I'm very impressed that you're walking 5k everyday! I hope the pain eases enough for you to carry on running as you've got so far and were only 20 minutes from 'graduating' but at the same time you don't want to aggravate the injury. Thanks again for your encouragement, I will try going even slower (not sure that's possible!) and pay more attention to my surroundings and I may repeat week 8 as I'd really like to 'enjoy' week 9! I have repeated quite a few of the runs earlier in the programme. Very best wishes for your recovery. I'll let you when I 'graduate'. I resisted using the word 'if'!

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