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Well I never - week 5 run 2

I know everyone says it, but if you had told me I could do this run 5 weeks ago, I would have never believed you. I've never run, I'm a relatively active person, I keep horses and ride regularly and do all the associated manual work involved with them, I walk my dog, and I run a house of teenage males and a husband! I am resolutely stuck at 1.5 stone overweight, and even now, although I feel a bit trimmer and more toned at week 5, still not shifted any weight, I'm still feeling dead proud of myself! I live in a very hilly area of Wales, I don't really want to run on a treadmill as the whole idea of doing the C25K was to incorporate it into dog walking (which has to be done come hell or high water!). Consequently, it has to be routes with very little traffic, which are usually farm tracks or back roads, all of which have hills! I'm finding the hills easier and easier, and am actually looking forward to my 20 min run on Saturday. There must be something wrong with me......:-)

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