Couch to 5K

Swing from food junkie to exercise junkie

Half way through the programme and after a nervous start seem to be finding my confidence. It is wonderful to look back and see how far I have come. I find that I always want to do my next run because I love the feeling when I have finished. It is so great to achieve achieve achieve each week.

I no longer want to eat as much half because I don't want to spoil all my hard work and half because I don't feel the need. There are so many things that have changed. When Laura says one more minute to go I know I can do this and I think back to the first week and how I so wanted to stop and 60 seconds seemed like an hour! Astonishing how quickly things change I never thought about the time I would be half way through the programme, but you know I feel confident that I will finish, even if it is just to get the graduate sign and badge. Hehe. Only joking this has had such an impact it's mind blowing.

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Brilliant, isn't it ? The mental changes are amazing and unexpected.


Such a lovely positive blog.


Good on ya! It is such a wonderful feeling to finish that run , I know just what you mean :-)


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