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Week Two Run Two

Well, this is my first blog post about running - not sure how many I'll write, I'm procrastinating from work already! Before starting Couch to 5k, I hadn't done any proper exercise in quite a while. I used to go to the gym, but I got bored with running on treadmills and the journey there and back was quite time consuming. I was considering joining an exercise class, but I don't have too much money, so couch to 5k seemed like a good solution.

I've never run before because I never thought it would be for me - I was worried about injuring myself, too, as I'd heard it's not good for your knees. However, in the end I thought "Well, lots of people do it with not much difficulty" so I thought I'd give it a go.

Last week (week one) I really enjoyed myself. It was really nice feeling that sense of achievement and getting the time out of the house (I work from home). I liked the podcast too. This week has been a bit tougher - I did run number 2 of week 2 today and now I'm absolutely exhausted! I don't like the music as much this week too, which sounds a bit daft but I listen to a lot of music when I'm walking around so it was really noticeable! Nonetheless, I'm going to plough through to the end.

I'm also a bit concerned about what will happen after I finish the course - I'd like to keep going but I don't know if I want to work towards 10k. Half an hour per run is more than enough for me! Hopefully I'll find a solution and keep exercising as I think it's having a great effect on my mood and sleeping pattern already.

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I felt the same as you at the beginning. I had never really exercised, even at school I did my best to avoid it. So, starting this programme I expected to get 3 or 4 weeks into and stop doing it because I didn't like exercising. How wrong was I?? a few weeks post graduation and I'm loving it!! I actually can't get enough, I fidgit if its a rest day and get very grumpy if I can't go!

Im a girl that needs structure and routine so after finishing the course I downloaded the bridge to 10k app so I still have something to work to. To keep things interesting though I joined the local running club (its free) and they do a 5k run every week, which is fun to have different people to run with and have a chat (im out of work right now and days can be lonely so i love being able to do this). I also do the 5k parkrun on a saturday (also free), if I haven't done a big run on the friday night. I also signed up to a race for life in July to keep me going for a goal.

I think you'll find your own way as you progress, you learn what you like/dislike about it all and what you need to do to keep motivated.

Good luck and keep us informed :)


I have also thought that half an hour is enough. I thought when I have finished the course I could go back through the programme but at a faster pace. Glad you are enjoying it. It only gets better


Thanks guys :) I'd love to do something like parkrun in the future. And definitely a run for charity! I do a lot of volunteer work so I'm sure they'd appreciate it.


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