Couch to 5K

Wish I didn't feel so tired on rest days

Really thought I would be too puffed to run for 5 minutes at a time, but here I am starting week 5 with optimism (well for the first 2 but scared about the 20 minute run on number 3).

So the runs are bareable just really tired legs at the time that recover during the brisk walking and I feel on top of the world when the run is completed and go home and start doing all sorts of energetic things around the house.

Then next day I am drained, and struggle at work, even get puffed going upstairs. Maybe I need to eat more, I am trying to loose weight too so am being quite careful, but I don't feel hungry just shattered. Then miraculously am ready and very willing for a run the next day. It puts me off a bit knowing that I will struggle at Orkney the next day.

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Well done for getting this far, over half way :)

Maybe you need to up the energy foods to help on the rest days. There are lots of articles on the Internet about fuelling properly for running. Hydration is also very important, have you increased your water intake considerably since starting this programme? If not, you should.

Also are you eating enough? You may need to the up the calories. If you're not eating enough you won't lose weight as your body stores what you do eat it because it goes into starvation mode. If all else fails go for a walk, it might refresh you :)


Thanks, I will have a look at the Fuelling, seems to be what my body is asking for. Yes I have notices an increase in fluid intake so seems ok on this point.

Just done run 1 week 5 and hopefully won't feel so tired as I didn't find it hard, mentally I kept thinking it was a whole minute less than last week. Feel ok about the next run but burying my head in the sand about the 20 minute one!


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