Couch to 5K

Week 4, done!

Just back from the third run of week 4. It was a lot easier than my last run on Monday which had been my first bad run; but I'm putting that down to a heavy carb-laden (and beige) meal the night before (oops!).

So I made sure last nights meal was more colourful and less of it and todays run felt better. I need to tweak my route because every 5 minute run involves running uphill when I'm feeling most tired. hnnnnnnngh!

BUT, as is tradition with me now, I tend to push myself on the last run to see if I'm ready for the next week. All this week, I've been struggling to complete the 5 minute runs purely because of the uphill sections. I'm literally begging Laura to say 'done'.

So this morning, on the last 5 minute run of the session, I was running on a flat piece of road and thought I'd push myself to 6 minutes roughly (no watch so was counting seconds). Counted to 6 minutes, and then the road started to pitch downhill slightly. Carried on jogging, counted to 7 minutes... decline got a little steeper and I counted to 8 minutes and then stopped.

The shins are hurting more because I ran downhill than anything, but it's a big confidence boost even though I know it's not a true 8 minute run and I did have gravity helping on the last 2!

Feel far more confident for week 5 now. Not looking forward to it mind =\

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Nothing wrong with that! Hills are killers! Sounds like you're doing really well!


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