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Take that, week 8 - the buzz is back!

As those poor souls who read my blog entry two days ago may have realised, I was not happy with my third run of week 8. In fact, week 8 and I never really got on at all. On the pleasure-pain spectrum, week 8 was definitely in the latter camp, while I'm firmly rooted in the former."No pain, no gain" is NOT my motto!

I was feeling really downhearted after "finishing" week 8. With next week looking like a complete write-off as far as running is concerned, I was mulling over what to do when I get back home and can start running again. Continue onto week 9, come what may? Repeat week 8 - not a prospect I relished. Go back to week 6, the last point at which I felt reasonably confident and comfortable with my runs?

Then I woke up this morning and really did feel like going for a run. With my confidence at low ebb after week 8, I thought I'd go back to w6r2 which is still on my mp3 player. Just a gentle little jog to enjoy myself. But once I had my running gear on and the dogs harnessed up, I thought "Stuff it, I'm going to do another week 8 run!". So off we went, not only to beat week 8 into submission, but to do so on one of the hilliest routes I know, which to date I've avoided like the plague.

Actually, I'd forgotten just how hilly it was, but by the time I remembered, it was too late to change my mind. And we did it, the doggies and I! OK, I very much doubt we covered anything like 5k in distance, and there were times when the dogs were walking rather than trotting while I puffed my way up the steeper sections, but WE DID IT and I ENJOYED IT. I still don't know how I battled my way up that final hill against a strong headwind, and it sure can't have been a pretty sight, but this was the run that I missed out on in the "official" week 8, the one that gives you that real buzz.

I'm now determined to take my running gear with me on my trip abroad, and try to do at least one or two of the week 9 runs there. Belgium's pretty flat, right?

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Well done Stealthrunner I'll bet your dogs enjoy their outings too.

Take your running things on holiday, I took mine last November to Tulum Mexico when I was doing C25K for the first time. I used to get up at 6.00 every other day and run around the hotel 800M pathways which ran through wonderful trees and bushes, the birds were incredible in number and colours at that time of day. Always did 4 laps sometimes 5 if it hadn't got too hot. The staff coming on duty at 7.00am always waved and smiled, probably thought I was completely mad.

The heat was hard going so no sound barriers broken as it was about 32C when I got finished and 80% humidity, phew. I was trying to lose weight and running in that sauna was a darn good way to do it. That is until we had breakfast, lunch, cocktails, dinner etc.

Hope week 9 goes well for you - and the dogs.


How I envy you your holiday, Oldgirl! My trip to Belgium (not nearly as glamorous as warm, sunny Mexico) will be far from restful, and with sleeping in a tent, 5 am starts, late nights and meals as and when I can snatch them (and certainly no drink since I'm the designated driver!), fitting runs into my schedule may prove a challenge in itself. On the positive side, I'll be in a national park, so there should be plenty of paths ideal for running - and running on the flat will make such a nice change!


Enjoy your time in Belgium and congratulations on nailing week 8! :-D


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