Couch to 5K

Week six done with W7R1 podast....I'm such a techno-phobe

3rd run of week 6 today but ran along to w7r1 podcast as w6r3 seeemd to have dissapeared!!!! I managed to keep going and actually carried on for another 5 mins. I have measured the distance of my run (in the car) and its a flat 2 miles circuit and that takes me 28mins...... so i'm trying to add a bit on each time to help me reach the magic 5k.

Not sure if this is the best way to do it but it seems to be working for me even if I still feel very slow. I think though its time to get some different music downloaded for the longer runs.

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I wouldn't worry about speed, just keep doing the time and the speed will come. I 'lost' my week 8 podcast - you are never alone!


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