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Ouch! Noob runner

Completed week one yesterday as a ploy to get my son training more for his athletics competitions - he thinks he's supporting me, I think I'm supporting him so win all round!

I haven't run or done any exercise really in a few decades so am taking it slow and sensible. However I've noticed that my calves hurt during running and am wondering if this is just unused muscle ache. I'm wearing running shoes and am going to answer shop end on pay day (didn't want to spend a load of money if I hated it) and am running on a local bridle path that's a mix of asphalt and smooth dirt track. I warm up with 5 minutes of brisk walking and follow the plan, any other suggestions?

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My vote would just unused muscle ache. Its worth investing a bit of time in some leg strengthening and stretching exercises in parallel. No need for a gym or anything fancy, all you need is a step!

I find as one muscle gets used to it, then another gets caught out so don't lose heart if it shifts about a bit. Its all natural strengthening and conditioning going on most likely.

However if it REALLY REALLY hurts rather than aches rest up a bit.


Lol. I had a different muscle group ache each time I ran to begin with.

Run 1 quads

Run 2 hamstrings

Run 3 shins

Run 4 calves

Run 5 left ankle

Run 6 no pain

Along with the above advice from Greg, make sure you are eating enough for your muscles to repair after each run


A few calf stretches after a good warm up walk might help.


Advice noted, thank you! Will see how tomorrow goes...


Try some streching excercise like the ones in the link after each run, worked for me.

Well done for getting started, and i hope you enjoy this program, i found the pains/aches went away buy wk4.


I find a 5 minute warm up isn't long enough. My calves scream at me until the session is almost over and then they relax and are nicely warmed up, so sometimes I do the session again as it's so nice to do it without screaming calves! I've started doing longer warm-up walks and that is helping a bit, also some simple stretches.


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