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1st run of week three !

I have just completed my 1st run of week 3 - yeeaahh

when i heard her say i was going to be running for 3 mins after the initial 1.5 minutes etc. i thought - OMG

by the time i had got half way through and i had got over the initial shock, it seemed to go much quicker than i thougt it would.

once finished i honestly felt it had been easier than the last couple of runs from week 2 !

is this me being over confident or has anyone else found the pace and timing of week 3 better than week 2 ?

what does anyone else think please ?

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For me, week 3 was MUCH easier than week 2. The way the hills lined up in week 3, I got to run downhill much of the time, and walk uphill, so that helped too. But mostly I think I hit my stride in week 3 and felt like I could keep going as long as needed. Congrats on a great run. :)


i found wk3 run 1 pretty tough, still have to do wk 2 so cant wait to see if its easier heh


It's amazing when it seems easier than the week before... I found that was the case with me all the through. I knew I was ready to run longer distances as I seemed to find a stride... It was often harder to do the walking inbetween than the running!

Happy running!


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