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Week 8 day 1 - it wasn't supposed to be this good!

Well today was officially the beginning of week 8, a 28 minute run. Because i took a few days off there was a gap between me doing day 2 and day 3 of week 7. So for day three of week 7 at the end i carried on running to see if i could do the 28, which i did.

Anyway back to today which was going to be the second time i had run 28 minutes.

The gym was fun again (a small community centre gym, nice and cheap and cheerful. Three treadmills, myself and two other strangers all went in and started on the treadmill. I was on the middle, the other two both looked very fit and professional. Isotonic drink bottles, shorts and expensive looking trainers.

The both looked substantially fitter than me, but most people do. Unlike me, they didnt do a proper warm up. Maybe they are so fit (i thought) they dont need to do warm ups, never mind, i carried on with my five minute brisk walk as both of them ran quite impressively. After the five minutes i started jogging. A bit slower than them running though, but not much. Five minutes into the run, the one to the left of me dropped out. The one to the right of me, seemed quite a nice guy, he lowered his pace a little to a similar one to mine.

I could tell he wasnt too keen on been beaten by someone like me. So we kept going.

I kept on grinning into the mirror (thanks for the tip on here whoever said to smile as it releases endorphins), anyway, he was long gone by the time i reached twenty minutes, he was gracious and gave me a big smile and a wave as he left the gym room though.

Anyway, so the fun over, fifteen minutes into the run, twenty minutes on the treadmill timer, only thirteen to go. Sweat now dripping off me, face very red, but i seemed to hit a position about thirty minutes in (twenty five mins into the run) where nothing was getting worse, all that was hard was the mental concentration required to ignore my body begging it to stop.

I reached twenty eight minutes, and i knew i could carry on, so i said, lets squeeze it to thirty minutes, you know you can do it. I got to thirty, and i knew i wasnt finished yet...

I got to thirty three minutes!!!!!! Ok, so i only managed about 4 km. But darn!!!

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Superstar! You showed 'em :)


thanks :)

Question, if i complete the next two runs @ 30 minutes thereby completing three 30 min runs, does that mean i am a 'graduate'?


Well done and keep smiling ! :-)


my knee is now sore!!! Hopefully a few days rest will help it out.


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