Couch to 5K

Here I go again... or try to!

Two weeks ago, I restarted the program and got as far as W3R1, which is where I had stopped when I first started the program in January.

As much as I want to, I just cannot do a complete W3 run, and so I have come to realise *and accept* that I am more unfit than I thought I was.

Rather than feel frustrated by my lack of success, I have decided that I would walk the same 4 km/2.5 mile circuit everyday (or as often as I could) for the whole of May, in order to increase my fitness.

I live in the French countryside, surrounded by gentle and not-so-gentle hills and over the last 10 days, my pace has not increased considerably, but I have noticed that the slopes do not leave me as out of breath as when I started.

Yesterday, I found myself half-way up a hill which I used to dread having to walk up, before I even noticed how far I'd gone up it!

I set off early in the morning after an oat and banana smoothie, and I return to a warm shower and a couple of poached eggs.

I use Nike+ to record my efforts and give myself challenges: faster pace (that is hard!), or more "runs" in a week. Seeing my attempts (achievements?) displayed in a little graph over a calendar gives me an incentive to continue.

So this is my lesson this month: set an achievable challenge and appreciate the small victories.

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Well done for not taking defeat lieing down its soo comfy back on that couch.

Best of luck when week one comes around again.


Well done for keeping moving, that's the main thing. So long as you are stretching yourself a little each time you are moving on. Every week you take regular exercise is doing you good. Enjoy your journey.


Hi Have you tried changing the eating (all be it a smoothie) as I have a problem if I try to run too soon after eating.

Maybe you could experiment and just have a banana or similar half an hour before you set off and then have more when you finish? :) Just an idea but I find that my energy is really zapped if my body is working hard to digest. I know it is a smoothie but there is still a lot of hard work for the body in processing it.

Good luck anyway.

I am on wk 5 run 2 tomoz ...... so wish me luck! :)


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