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W3 Happiness

Decided a new route for a new week was in order as I have got a bit fed up with my little corner of the local park (and I suspected I looked a bit of a prat going round in circles – “laps” would be just a bit generous). Been looking forward to W3 but those niggling doubts surface when you know the runs have doubled in time and I know how much I huffed and puffed my way through last week. However off on W3R1 do I go.

And a bit to my surprise managed to complete it! Even allowed myself a congratulatory whaoo at the end that probably disturbed the locals but what do I care. The last 60 seconds were a bit of struggle to say the least but now I am beginning to believe that I can get through this – mainly due to all the support and success stories on here. Almost looking forward to Friday now …..

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I changed my route for week 3 too - my average pace dropped loads (am also using Run keeper)

Know exactly where you are coming from - I'm itching to go out, but it's a rest day, even though it's peeing down!


Well done, got my first W3 run tomorrow. Nice to hear that its possible


Wahooo indeed - I thought the loud celebrations at the end of each run (coupled with the odd looks from passers-by) were obligatory?! ;) I'm on w3 too - it's an amazing feeling to manage 3 minutes isn't it?! Good luck for the rest of the week :)


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