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Bank holiday run day. W9R1

What with moving and Root Canal treatment running has been off the schedule but I got out yesterday and did W9R1. But really did a 5km route and finished it in 35minutes.

It was a nice run and I was pleased with how it went with the lack of sessions I have done lately. Legs were tired after 10 minutes but I knew I could do it so I just carried on, change of location was nice too, different route, though crossing a busy road worried me but when it came to it I managed to get straight over both times.

Its strange that I'm now completing 5km runs where as I gave birth at the end of January.

2 more podcasts and I graduate.

I think maybe if I push myself further I could do 5km in 30minutes.

My plan then is to join my local parkrun,

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Awesome time 7ofus! If you give yourself a couple of weeks of steady 5k runs, you'll find it wont be out of the question to run the 5k in 30minutes. You are doing so well considering the interuptions you have had to your running.


I think you're super woman.

So close to graduating :)


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