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Bonkers for a Bank holiday - Feel free to join

Welcome to the Bonkers for a Bank Holiday Quest

The new quest begins today. Feel free to put a post below if you would like to join. The quest will finish on the bank holiday Monday 4th August. I have extended the quest by one day as when we have a holiday weekend I thought we would get some good runs in over the weekend.

Good luck and happy running to everyone.

If you would like to see what the quest is all about here is a link.

























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Count me and my newly minted graduate badge in!



Oh yes, aims!

3 x runs a week 1 of which to be slightly longer each week. Staring with 4 miles this week.



Hi - the link didn't work for me - just put me to a chain of posts about other quests 2 or 3 months old? What is the challenge, please?


Hi Sore-knees, I am sure RfC will get back to you if you need more info but the challenge is whatever you want it to be. Could be running 4 times a week for 30 minutes, could be working on timings, could be increasing your distance by .25 of a k each week, or even running without music!


Hi Sore-knees (hope they are better!) the link is to an older quest, the explanation of what a quest is all about is in RealfoodieClub's post right at the top. It's 6 weeks long and you can pick whatever you want your goal to be in that period, then every week rfc puts a quest post up and we can post about how that week went, at the end of each quest we post our longest distance and rfc kindly tots it all up and maps it for us - we are slowly steadily making our way from John O'Groats to Landsend, virtually ;-) . Hope that helps explain. :-)


Hi there. There is a short description of the quest at the top of that post, but as everyone has kindly replied its whatever you want it to be. It's a way for graduates to keep their running going by posting what they would like to achieve in the next six weeks. There is a weekly post so we can all talk about how it's going. The quest is very personal, it can be whatever running goal you want it to be, time distance or just run three times a week.


Doesn't work for me either


Hello again to all my fellow questers! I am up and running again and so happy to be able to join the Bonkers for a bank holiday quest. I have been unable to run for the last 3 months or so (bar an odd attempt here and there) due to various lurgies and IT Band trouble. So, feeling much better Istarted back with a week 1run last tuesday, week 2 run last Thursday, a week 3 run on Saturday and a week 4 run this morning. So, my quest is:

- to get back up to running 5k (not concerned about times for this quest).

- listen to my body, i.e. don't push too hard too quickly.

- do week 5 run 1 next then follow the plan from there on.

- do exercises for my IT bands twice every day - clam thingies and foam rollering plus crossed leg bends

- enjoy the whole process

Happy questing and running all :) :) :)


Add me please I shall be continuing my zombie apocalypse training:

3 runs a week:

1 long (no set distance just get further up the trial each week)

1 short but with incline

1 5k

Also hoping to add in 1 swimming session a week.



Count me in please RFC.

I am still running every other day and training for my hilly 10 mile race in two weeks.

Doing workout dvd's on non-run days to get stronger for running. Still doing plenty of walking and am doing an organised ramble in a few weeks


And me please

Just 2 runs of 30 minutes a week and 1 run of longer ! just longer doesnt matter how much longer, but a hope for 5k


Oh and do I kind of log it on here or something ?


Yes, rfc will put the post up every Monday and you can update us with how it's going if you like, it's optional. :-)


Hi, me too please rfc. I ideally want to do my 10k which is 13th July, I was on track but have had Achilles/calf trouble so have had to scale back in training. So just want to keep okay and keep running, aiming for 3x per week - and also to get back to running group which I started but had to miss because of the niggle.


Me too please. My aim will be to be able to run 10k by the end of the quest.


Count me in ! I'm going to try to keep doing 30 minutes 3 times a week. As it is HOT here (up in the 30s by midday) this will be challenging and probably mean going out in the evenings (I'm seriously not a morning person). Ideally I'd also try to do one long run a week and push up to 7k, but in addition to the heat I'm also dealing again with labrynthitis symptoms so we'll see.

I'll be spending one week of the Quest in London (attending a summer school then doing some touristy stuff with hubby over the weekend). Planning to pack my running shoes on the assumption that it will be cool and that getting some km in could be fun !


I am really going to be repeating aims for last quest as they got sort of lost . Anyway hoping to start increasing 1 run a week with possibility of entering 10 k race at some point In future. Also would love to get 5k park run time back up to where it was few months ago. But main aim is to continue running. Thanks again Rfc and happy running everyone.


HI! Count me in please. Im starting W9, so this will be my graduation week!

My plans are

- graduating this week

- run 3 times a week

- try post graduation podcasts

- start a B210K plan


Count me in too please. My goal is to do a Parkrun (or 2 or more...) and to work my way up to 7.5k. Wish me luck :)



I haven't posted in a while but still here and still running. My aims will be to continue running three times a week and if I pass the 5k mark that will be a bonus. Hi to all other challengers, existing and new members


Yes please, count me in.

Aiming to get back to 3 x 5k runs a week - and not letting work get in the way!


Hello to everyone. It's good to see some new names and great to see so many familiar names. Good luck to you all and welcome onboard.


Hi Rfc

Count me in again this time please. Aiming for three runs a week, 2x5K and a longer one ,ideally around 8-10K.

Thanks Rfc ( love your new pic btw ) and good luck everyone :)


Aww. thank you.


Count me in too please!! HM training is beckoning, so increasingly longer runs once a week for me and 2 shorter runs working on pace. Thank you!!


Ooh, I'm definitely bonkers, can I play, please? :D

Oops - forgot to add in that I'm going to be realistic this time and say that if I can run twice a week, and manage a run of 20 mins once out of those runs, that will be a good thing. I'm going for a steroid injection in my shoulder on Thursday *shudders* so hopefully that might improve the pain and it just might mean I can run further, but for now, let's set a realistic goal. Good luck to everyone, and thanks again rfc for setting this one up :)


I'm in! My early target is just to get back to 8k runs before my 10k on 13th July!

After a stonking week just before I went on me hols, a lot of walking in Snowdonia then hurting my back and thigh walking on a beach (!) I seem to have gone backwards again. Found the RfL quite tough and again today, although I managed just over 6k. I'm hoping it's just the heat, even though it really isn't that hot!

So, need to try to up the mileage over the next two weeks, then set another target.


Count me in again (although will have to wait a bit longer here for a Bank Holiday - does that mean we get extra time?)

Goal Number 1 is a 10k run (ideally by the end of June... but that's coming up awfully fast).

Goal Number 2 is get on my bike (which I've not been on since the Autumn)


Me too please. I have sore knees atm but it can't be from running because I've hardly done any. New job is definitely getting in the way (left home before 7 this morning & got back 300miles later at 7:45 this evening). However, my aim is to get out 3 times a week & I don't care for how long - just getting out. (I'm hoping that once I'm out there I wont want to come back & will run maybe the full 30mins or maybe not).


Count me in again please. I missed the last total-ing as i was on holiday. Maybe I can add it onto next quest total? Anyways, targets for this quest - to do my 3 runs per week again and to try to get back up to 5k. Now I have holidays over and am over the illness patch, I hope to actually achieve my targets this month!


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