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How to get fit while recovering from running injury?

I got to week 6 back in March, and was feeling really great – I was a major couch potato before that! Unfortunately, I got a knee injury. I followed RICE - and after 2 weeks went to GP as I still hadn't recovered. She said to wait it out and return if it didn't get better to get referred to physio - needless to say it is now 2 months after my injury, I have still not recovered and am on a waiting list to see a physio on the NHS which means I won’t see one for at least another 6 weeks (cant afford to see one privately).

I’ve tried to stay positive but as time has gone on I have felt demotivated, and have had to drop out of two races that I signed up for. I haven’t been doing any other exercise at all but really would like to start building fitness again (as I am certain that I have lost all I built up before) before I start the programme again one day in the future… so my question is, does anyone have any advice or suggestion for ways I can build fitness in my condition? I can’t swim (which has been suggested to me). I’ve also been suggested to use a stationery bike or elliptical, but have always found myself getting tired VERY quickly on them. Does anyone know of any similar plans like C25K to use on bike/elliptical – I can’t quite figure out how I’d use the current podcasts on them? Any thoughts/suggestions, similar experiences or advice? Thanks!

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You could use the podcasts by peddling hard when Laura says run and then slowing down for the walking parts? A sports therapist may also only be £20-50 per session depending on where you live - cheaper if you live near a uni/college that does a course (students need practice). Also a lot of clinics/health shops/ events have taster sessions with local therapists. £5 for 15 mins sort of thing. I suppose it depends on how much the injury is getting you down. Just get out there and try everything once - don't decide you can't do it until you try it. You can do anything you put your mind to...positive thoughts. Good Luck.



You say you can't swim, and that's fine, but what about running in the pool? It is well known fitness training for runners who have knee/ankle injuries and cannot bear weight while they are healing. It is just as hard work, but non impact. Here is a link to a site with some more info.

You could very well do your complete C25k workout with the aid of one of these:

I have an older version of this one for swimming and it's great! Waterproof to a metre, they work very well.

Good luck!



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