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My first failure!

Have had a week off having done the first 2 runs of Week 7 as I'd been doing other things so got back to it today. I've always run on a treadmill since my one and only venture outside was very scary - I went too fast and got very lightheaded and felt quite sick. However after my warmup today on the treadmill I decided to go out to do the proper run. Three times I had to slow to a walk because the hills were too much for me - how pathetic is that. I ran as slowly as I could but still gave in. I don't think I'll ever conquer hills and where I live there are lots! So back to the treadmill I guess.

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Treadmill running is far different to road running. The impact is much gentler on a treadmill. Maybe you could set yourself short distance goals first, I used to do it. I used to brisk walk my run route on the rest days to help me, that's maybe something else you could try. You'll work it out I'm sure ;)


it took me almost a year to venture outside as I too ran too fast & got out of puff then wouldnt go outside as I thought I couldnt do it. I redid c25k once a week with my teenage children until week 5 then redid all the runs outside. I havent run on the treadmill for about 6 weeks now. take it easy. & dont worry about the hills. these take time also. if you venture outside again why not stop the podcast at the beginning of the hill, walk up it quickly if poss then restart the podcast? then each time after maybe see how much of the hill you can do? this worked for me. I think the hardest thing about getting outside is slowing down & believing you CaN do it. & it is ok to stop if you need to.

good luck next time :) X


I did my first few weeks on the treadmill. The first couple of times I went outside, I treated it as a separate exercise to the C25K and didn't worry about how long or far I was going, I ran for as long as I could, gasped a lot, then walked for a bit then ran again etc It was quite a struggle compared to the treadmill but a couple of weeks later, I felt able to run outside for my C25K runs.


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