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First run without Laura

Even I can time 5 minutes then 25 minutes then 5 minutes so this morning I decided I'd run with my own choice of music rather than the NHS's. 25 minutes is a long empty stretch without Laura's occasional encouragements but when Endomondo pinged the end of the run I was still doing great. Most of the time my thoughts were not on running and the running sort of took care of itself.

So, that's W7R2 out of the way. I can just about see the finish line in sight now.

Good luck to everyone running today. And enjoy the BH if you are lucky enough not to be working tomorrow.

Cheers all,


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Tired my first run without Laura after graduaton, could not do without the timings so back to Laura week 9 for a few more weeks.


Ran my first run without laura yesterday week 11 (2 weeks after graduating) and ran to blondie's parallel lines! Great stuff!

Who's endomondo? :)


Endomondo is just a tracking app on iPhone etc. You can program in multi-step sessions and it let's you know when each step starts.

Blondie - good choice. And thinking about Debbie Harry would definite distract me from the actual running :-). I went with Feeder this morning, and I sure can recommend them for driving you on...


I find the music far too slow for me to want to run too - need something much more upbeat so i have left Laura behind, sorry Laura!, and just use runkeeper app on my phone with my own music and have it set to 5 minute audio cues so I know when to stop running...makes it a lot easier


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