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Such a Beautiful Day

Today I ran week 3 run 3. For the second time this week, I had to go out without my partner (scheduling conflicts), but the run itself was easy enough. I am finding week 3 to be easier by far than weeks 1 and 2. (Knock on wood!) I have a comfortable-ish stride, and my lungs aren't going to explode with every ragged inhalation.

Now that the asthma seems to be under control, I am focusing on my new weakest link: my legs. They will get stronger, right? They get all twitchy and a little sore for days after each run. I stretch them very thoroughly after each run, and also after my strength-training workouts, focusing on each major muscle group for good stretches. But it still feels mighty peculiar to have them twitching when I am sitting on my couch.

I got an extra bonus reward today - a stunningly beautiful day outside. A light breeze through the big old trees lining my suburban bike paths, with buds growing everywhere, and green grass bursting through the earth. Birds were chirping and crickets fiddling. Light, fluffy clouds decorated the sky, playing peek-a-boo with the sun. Oh the sun! Warm and cozy without being hot, kissing my shoulders and reminding me of days lived in warmer climes. Children playing in the school yard, wearing cowboy costumes. It was magnificent out, and I would have missed it all were it not for C25K, because I certainly would not have been wandering around my neighborhood when I had a couch beckoning.

When I was done, I even had extra energy and could have kept running. I am so excited about week 4!

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My legs usually get twitchy when I'm over tired, it's a horrible feeling.

But isn't it wonderful to run outdoors ?!


When the weather is mild, running outdoors is a joy I never suspected. I love it!


You should write for a living :)


Why thank you! Perhaps one day I shall.


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