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3 weeks post op and back to the gym:)

well it is 3 weeks after my gallbladder surgery and after being given the all clear to run by my surgeon 4 days ago i have finally plucked up the courage to hit the gym. Only really allowed to run as still no lifting ( or sit ups etc) for another 3 weeks. Quite pleased with the degree of fitness that i had maintained ( for those of you who dont know i started couch to 5k in january and graduated on time 9 weeks later doing a full 5k) so tonight i did a 5min walk warm up, 10 minute run, 5 min walk, 5min run including a 30 second speed session at end and then 5 min call down. quite chuffed that i managed 4.4km in that time. had slight stitch at end of the 10 min run but it settled on walking and didnt reappear. Legs feel fine, but HR took quite a while to recover. will see how i feel in the morning but race for life in June looks back on

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Run sounds good :) really pleased you back and feeling comfortable, take it easy and race does look good for go


Way to go! Great that you are straight back into it. It's hard not running for so long I'm sure... But good to see you are being kind to your body too. It's 3/1/2 weeks since my gall bladder surgery too.. Hard times for sure.


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