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All the factors didn't knock me down!

So I wasn't planning to write a blog post for my second run (at this rate, if I wrote one for every run that is a lot of blog posts :p ) but I felt that one needed to be written.

So after Sunday's really good run, I was planning to do my next run on Tuesday.I was getting ready the Monday to go uni, had my lunch, went to lectures, saw some friends and then when to Jiu Jitsu training. However, after I had some fruit that I thought was okay. It was the next day, due to stress of exams and a really bad cause of food poisoning I was in bed and felt like death hit me! It was horrible. I wasn't able to eat for about 2 days and was put back on so many things. However, not all hope was lost. I have been on the mend and I was able to do a run this morning. I was ill(ish), it was raining, cold and I felt like it was wanting to give up. But I was able to cope through, complete my run and today was actually really good!

So will complete my final run on Saturday before I go off to the library. I also lost 2 pounds as well :D

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