Couch to 5K


Due to start my shift yesterday morn @ 11am, my little boy got picked up by the mother-in-law. So I reached for my running shoes and headed out for the second run of week 5. I wasn't sure about this one, thought I'd be beat, but I'm shocked at my progression, and great my stamina and endurance isvnow. It wasn't that long ago when 3mins of running was a task, whether its Laura's soothing commentary, or I had the right mindset. Anyway Friday night is when my next run is, and 20 mins of solid running sounds impossible, quite a jump, can I do it? Mmmmm? I hope so. But after a run now I'm gleaming, I'm smile inside and out. It's that sense of achievement.

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yay. well done you. It's a lovely feeling. I got to week 5 run 2 and had to stop because of shin pain but i cant wait to get back into it again.

Next stop 20 minutes. CAnt wait to hear how well you do!


I thought week 5 run 3 was going to be sooo tough but the feeling is amazing - you are feeling so positive which is half the battle!! Good luck on Friday night!! :-) xx


Hope you peeps can understand my blogs, just noticed how dodgy my writing is. Im putting all the blame on predictive text lol.


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