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Extra rest needed I think!

I just got home from W3R3 and am sat, yet again, with ice packs on my shins. I thought I got over the worst of it on week 2.

I think I have to realise that I'm not young anymore and my body is complaining. I have been taking the programme quite slowly due to aches and pains. Today I ran after running on Sunday, well aware that this would be the first time since week 1 that I was only taking the recommended one day rest. To be honest I felt good to go but, as soon as I started running I felt that ache in my shins & though, 'Here we go!'

I carried on, as the pain wasn't unbearable but now I think I have to resign myself to taking - at least - 2 days inbetween :( It's so annoying because I've got the stamina..obviously not the legs ;)

So, Friday or maybe even Saturday, I will be embarking on week 4 :)

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Awww bless you, I know how you feel, my shins have been hurting since w1r1. Luckily mine are easing a bit and I've found it helpful to smother them in Deep Freeze gel before every run, have you tried that?


It's so frustrating when you've got the stamina but those pesky legs let you down. I found W3 & start of W4 the worst for shin pain (I'm just on W5), so you may find it gets better as you go thru' the programme. Good luck with Week4!


my left shin plays up occasionally & when it does I wear one of those compression bandages that you can buy & cut to size. definately makes a difference. I did consider compression socks as they are supposed to be really good. I think greg uses those.

I have just had a whole week off from running & absolutely no pain after my last run so sometimes rest is the best medicine.

& masage :) I have one of those scrunchy bath things & if you lather that up you can really feel it on your shin without scratching yourself.


Yes rest and take it very gradually.

I graduated then had terrible trouble with my knees. They were so painful that I had to hang onto the bannister going downstairs and had real trouble getting out of a chair! Not good.

Went to a very good sports therapist and she gave me some exercises and said no high impact exercise for 2 weeks. Not at all what I wanted to hear when I had just graduated and was super-keen.

I contented myself with fast walking and going to the gym on the cross trainer and bike and am just feeling that I can start running again.

This time I am going to take it gradually though and mix the running with other forms of exercise. Much as I would love to do a park run or 5k race I am going to be sensible (a first!!) and start with the lower podcasts again but try and run faster and build up gradually. If my knees hurt I will stop until they feel better.

I was so intent on getting to the end of the programme and graduating that I went for it hell for leather and ignored my body. You would think I'd have more sense at the age of 56 :)


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