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Take that week 7! Watch out week 8, I'm coming for you!!

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After a miserable attempt at trying W7R3, I decided to go out again tonight. Yes, I know I should have rested, but I only ran for 15 minutes yesterday and I was not in good form, wasn't hydrated enough and ran with a buddy. Tonight, no buddy, fully hydrated and in good form. I did it!!

I still can't believe that just 7 weeks ago I was literally sitting on the couch every night after work until I went to bed after sitting all day at work. Look at me now, I'm almost a runner. 25 minutes and 2 miles, 3 races coming up and many more to sign up for.

My goal this year, 2 5Ks per month until it gets too cold to run any longer. Even though I'm in the US I'm so thankful for the UK version of this program. Laura's tips, voice and music have gotten me through better than the US version I found. Thank you everyone who put this together!

3 Replies

Congratulations! keep at it. You're not far from graduating now :)


What do you mean "almost a runner"? You ARE a runner! You go girl! :)


Congratulations... I am about to run week 7 run 2. I know exactly how you feel. Great work.


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