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If I run really slowly my shins hurt. If I speed up a bit, they're okay. Any idea why?

Hi there,

I started this programme with a couple of friends three weeks ago and we are all really pleased with our progress. We're repeating the runs so not progressing very fast, but that's okay because we are doing it and we are determined to continue.

I'm encouraged by all the help and advice on this forum - what a friendly bunch of people! So I have a question for you about running speed and shin pain.

I have started to suffer terrible shin pain, so I rested for a few days, iced etc. and tried again today for Week 2 run 3. First run was okay, second started to hurt, third was really quite painful and by the fourth I was nearly in tears. I extended my walking time between runs. On the fifth run I decided to try going faster - bingo! No shin pain! I was gasping for breath and thoroughly exhausted, but tried again on the 6th run and it was okay again.

I am very overweight and flat footed. I have decent trainers and insoles to correct over-pronation.

Any ideas? Will it get better? Can I slow down soon? Thanks!

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No idea of why it does it but I had the same problem. Luckily my lungs quickly adapted to going slightly quicker to prevent the shin pain. I also found avoiding hills for a while helped. Don't give up!! Try covering less distance if you need to go faster, you will soon build the distance up once your shins strengthen


Hey, thanks for answering! I wondered if it was something to do with my gait, so might go and have that and my trainers analysed. It's good to see that someone else had a similar problem - well, not good, obviously, but reassuring.

I'm glad to see that your lungs adapted as well. I will press on and see if things improve. Thanks again :)


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