Couch to 5K

wk 9 r1

Bit behind schedule on this one, this week has conspired against me in terms of work demands and the weather being awful and me being completely de-motivated which means instead of completing week 9 today I have only just started. So week 1, first 30 minute run in a howling tempest, weather like something out of Macbeth!

Still the run went surprisingly well, it rained all the time and was quite windy so the time wasn't the greatest but I was still running strongly at the end of 30 minutes so way-hey after all and looking forward to graduating next Friday, a week late but who cares about that.

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The weather can be awfully temperamental and also set me back a bit on W6R1 but just think if you can do it in a howling tempest imagine what you can do when the weathers great? Keep up the good work


Well done, all I had to contend with was minus temperatures during week 9 lol! Not sure I would have done it with these awful gales and rains!


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