Couch to 5K

Got "Ganas"?

The word "Ganas" is Spanish loosely translates to victory, or the drive to win. I am not naturally blessed with large quantities of this attribute. In fact, two days ago, when I tried Week 2, Run 2, I just fell apart for no good reasona at the second interval, and couldn't make myself keep going.

But there is something pretty wonderful about sharing both successes and defeats with a group. Ganas is contagious. Hope can be shared. And your cheers and good advice helped me identify new strategies and perspectives, so that I could try again with a better chance of success.

Today, I had to go out without my partner (scheduling conflict). It was pissing down rain. I was afraid of failing again. All in all, a less-than-auspicious start to my run.

I took some of your brilliant advice, and walked (rather than ran) up the big first hill as an extended warm-up. I jogged veeerrrrry slooowly during the running parts. And I made it! All by myself, out in the rain. By the last interval, I had a huge grin on my face.

Even better, I found that I hurt a lot less than usual. That when it was time to stop running and walk again, I wasn't dying. A little tired perhaps, but if I had to I could have run a bit more. I feel much more confident about progressing, although I may do one more week 2, run 4, since run 2 was such a disaster. Week 3 should be totally do-able.

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to keep trying. You guys are great!

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Well done! I'm glad this run was easier for you! Keep at it! And another great big well done fo battling those hills too!

Good luck for week 3. Just remember to pace yourself



:) :) :) Can I share your huge grin?

Well done! I knew there was a way.


That's great news! Hills can be a killer but we will bide our time and conquer them in the end!

All the best for your next run.


Well done! that's fantastic, especially doing it in the rain. Good luck with W3.


Well done! Good luck for w3 :)


Good luck with week 3...slow but sure, remember x


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