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What a week!

What a week!

I completed run 3, week 1 of my own 5k maintenance programme this morning. I took it veeeeeeery slow as I had been doing a lot of walking over the past few days and my muscles were still feeling a bit tight - 3.9k in 30mins. I think/hope I've caught that runners bug again - along as my health and ankle stay on the right track I hope there won't be much else to deter me.

Today was a bit of a turning point for me. I made a hike to the top of Cavehill today (a small mountain, but a mountain nonetheless) with my sister. We did this hike last year and I could only make it half way and also had to stop about 6 times to get to that point. Today we made it to the top only stopping once at the half way point to eat our sandwiches and enjoy the view. It was that trip last year that made me realise how unfit I was and from that I decided to do C25K. A year later and I've made progress!!!

On to week two on Friday morning!:

Week 2:

1. 20mins easy

2. Intervals - 5 mins warm up, 30 secs hard & 90 secs easy x 5, 5 mins cool down

3. 20mins easy out, then back quicker

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Well done on hiking up that mountain! It shows just how far you've come (although going up a mountain does sound a little crazy) ;)


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