Gutted. Anyone else had to stop due to injury and then able to complete the program?

I am having to take a break. Week 1 was ok but by the end of it one knee hurt. I finished week 2 yesterday but both knees are now painful all the time. I woke up at 5 this morning because of the pain and I actually cried because of the disappointment and I don't often cry.

I thought I had found something that I loved, that was achievable with my time and resources and that would be my way of losing 3 stone. Maybe that's the problem, taking the equivalent of my holiday flight baggage allowance out on each run. I've never had problems with my knees before and have always walked about 3 miles a day. will I be ok after resting and able to restart? I've looked at knee strengthening exercises but as I understand it you are only supposed to do them with fit knees.

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  • Dont be disheartened. I had the same problem back in September. Turned out my feet have high arches and I needed different running shoes..... I went on to complete the programme and am running regularly now. Hope the pain subsides soon. Good luck x

  • Yes I had a similar problem. I bought 2 ice packs. 1 for each knee. I used to go my run & then sit for 20 minutes with the ice packs on my knees. I kind of got used to it & would read or drink tea too. It was worth it because I graduated & still run now. Also I don't need the ice packs anymore. Good luck.

  • Don't be disheartened. You have started in the right direction.

    First thing is to see your GP as the pain you are in doesn't sound right: you may have damaged something if it is causing you that much distress.

    When you are in a position to start running again, visit a running shop which offers free gait analysis: you'll be able to get reccommendations for suitable shoes.

    Consider combining your running with some form of cross training such as walking/swimming/cycling/Pilates on your rest day. I am assuming that c25k is your first training programme in a while? If so, cros training is vital to help build up muscles which are not used to exercise. Consider a program where you do c25k 3 days a week. On the rest day between runs, do your cross training. Take the 7th day as a complete rest day. Consider using compression socks or guards to help reduce the stress experienced by your legs when running.

    If it's any consolation, I'm 5 ft nothing, and 14 stones. I have to get to 7 stones as my target weigh. When I started c25k, I was 15 stone and very unfit. Now I can run 4k very slowly. Be careful not to overtrain however, as I did and hurt my knee, which meant I had to rest and restart the whole programme.

  • I've had to give up after being diagnosed with polymyositis I'm absolutely gutted that I can't run or even carry out the simplest of activities anymore.

  • Hello, I had to stop half way through week 6 and was absolutely gutted. This was due to ankle sprain, which I had picked up in week 5, but I stupidly kept going. I cried too as I was doing so well. Had to have 2 weeks off completely and I did, v little exercise, felt like back to square one. But after much advice on here went out at start of week 6 again. It wasn't easy and I had 2 do 2 weeks of week 6 before I felt able to move to week 7. So it put me back a lot, but I have just completed week 9 and am going out to do Sport Relief 5k this afternoon. I know its so disheartening, but you really have found something achievable. But do get advice from the Docs. I also researched a lot online - the main sports shop websites offer basic advice on running gait/foot shape and I changed my trainers too as I have really low arches and flat feet and needed stable trainers to stop my ankles moving about so much. Its not the end of the line, do your research, get advice and get out there again! xx

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling. I had a knee problem at around the same time mine seemed to be muscular around my knee joint on the inside. I was gutted too as I was really enjoying running and didn't want to give up. I made sure to leave a decent amount of time between runs ( 4 or 5 days) and dosed up on painkillers. Mine went within a couple of weeks and I've had no issues since ( completed in December and still running a couple of times a week). I think it probably depends on the kind of pain you're in, does it feel like joint or muscular? Do you have decent trainers?

    Hope this helps.

  • I do feel for you, I had problems with my knees too shortly after starting the programme. I am fine now though and graduated last week. My advice - move heaven and earth to get the correct running shoes and to hell with the cost. Take two or even three rest days between each run and keep repeating a run until you can do it with no more than mild discomfort on the following day. I know some people have advised cross- training but I am not so sure, maybe carry on walking but don't over do it. Your knees need to adapt to a new training load and that healing/adaptation takes place on the days you don't run, they need to be allowed to do so. Later, when they are stronger, you can cross- train while you get used to running. I hope that helps - keep us posted.

  • Oh poor you! I feel your pain because I did!

    I was in a great deal of pain by week 2 and wondered whether I myself would have to stop. I thought to myself, "perhaps some people are not meant to run amd I may be one of them" but I felt so bad about quitting; as if I was letting myself down, that I was determined to try to overcome it if I could!

    I hadn't exercised in a long time and I am a bit overweight so I figured that was the reason why my knees were so sore, tight, and painful. Like you say, the pain woke me up too, I yelped many times in the night when i moved and my husband said I should give it up as I was damaging myself, but I really didn't want to give up. I remember being so stiff in the morning I could only shuffle to go to the toilet. I felt sbout 90 years old!

    Going into week 2, I bought knee support bandages and wore these for about 2 days and nights and my knees started to feel a bit better so I was able to do a run but i took it easy. I did the 5 minutes cool down walk and then did the yoga type stretches as advised by others on this forum and I have been doing that ever since. My knees felt a bit better! I was able to finish week 2 and 3 and am now about to begin week 4. The knee pain has now subsided. I think it was simply that my body wasn't used to taking that much of a pounding.

    Good luck x

  • I had the same problem - terrible pain around the inside muscles which developed week 3. I had good running shoes and had also walked a lot and done yoga for more than 10 years so was gutted. But I reduced the programme to twice a week running Tues and Sat for a couple of weeks, used a knee support bandage (just a simple tubular one) and apply ice pack for 20 mins after each run. I've managed to get back up to 3 times a week again now and have nearly finished week 6. My theory is that I was pounding bits of my body that hadn't been used for over 20 years so it was too much too soon, but now they are getting stronger I'm copying fine. Don't give up - just give yourself a longer recovery period between runs.

  • My knees hurt like hell and swelled up over the top of the knee cap. Not surprising though is it if we've not run before. I bought proper running shoes and kept going, and as I progressed through the programme, the pain disappeared as did the swelling. I got swollen ankles too but they're much better now. I suppose it's as we get stronger and our muscles more accustomed to the exercise. I try to do more trail running than road running as it's easier on the knees so I'm told. I hope you can stick with the C25k programme Eosino! Good luck

  • When I started I got to week three and I sprained my knee. I got a knee support and this helped my knee! Then I started from week 1 again and after two weeks rest I found it very easy. Rest your knee and seek medical advice for pain. But don't give up! But you need to sort your knee out first. Also look into buying running trainers for your running style.

  • I feel your pain, I struggled with my knees after week 4 (I think) had three weeks out and went on to complete the C25K and more. It feels very crushing when you get injured but in someways it's makes graduating even more special. All I can says is look after yourself, consider your trainers and if RICE and ibuprofen don't work after a few days then consider popping to the GP.

    Take care and you will graduate :-)

  • Please do not give up and keep your goal in sight. It does't matter if it takes longer than 9 weeks to do the programme. It took me 9 months rather than 9 weeks as I had knee problems. I am not running 3-4 times a week regularly and have just run 10k (my goal was 5k so I can;t quite believe it). Like you, I thought my knee would prevent me running. But with rest and progressing slowly but surely, I got there. I am sure you can too. If rest doesn't resolve the problem, see your doctor and maybe ask for a referral to a knee specialist. In the end, I had a combination of insoles for my running shoes, and some physio. I also think it takes the knees a while to get used to the running, so you may find they just get better as you gradually build up. Good luck. Keep us updated in a few months time.

  • Don't feel sad. I can honestly say after having a set back myself for 12days due to knee and calf muscle injury I felt gutted that I couldn't continue my jogging routine. I did lots of RICE on my injuries and today I have been for a run after also worrying that my fitness and stamina would have suffered too but to my surprise I have ran with no pain at all and have completed the run where I left off in the program.

    As everyone on here is saying rest and you will reap the benefits when you are fit again to run. Don't panic.

  • Best thing to do is see your GP. It shouldn't cause the pain you say you are in so maybe you have overdone things a bit. Hope it gets sorted soon. Best wishes.

  • Thank you all for your advice and support. I feel less discouraged now. :-) It's great to hear all your successes in the face of injury.

    I am taking a break at least until Wednesday and have bought knee supports and Voltarol. My knees have already improved since yesterday so hopefully they will mend. I will see GP if they are not better soon. I am hoping my trainers are not the problem as they are new support shoes bought after gait analysis and a look at my arches. I will continue with my daily walking (I don't drive) and my weekly swim. I will do knee exercises when they feel less wibbly. I'm looking forward to getting back out there soon and will do the RICE thing after my next run. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again to all who replied x

  • Firstly, I am so proud of you for starting C25K.

    Re: your knees ~ watch the little blighters, and if they hurt, walk; if you can't walk (been there), go and see the physio and/or get a really good knee support such as a Vulkan. My knee was responsible for nearly having to be rescued from Helvellyn, but a short rest and a session with the physio, I have never had a single problem. Physios are Gods in human form.

    I had to stop for a while due to verrucas, but I did finish and have just come back in from a glorious morning walk/run. Not a run as I was accompanied by our 19 week old dog who keeps stopping to sniff!!

  • I also had a gait analysis done before I bought running shoes and they are the most comfortable pair I have ever owned. My knees gave me a few problems when I started too, but when I was at the shop where I bought my running shoes, they guy asked me if I had any problems with my balance and I do. He suggested using a wobble board to work on this first so I didn't put too much strain on my knees. His advice was brilliant. Not only can I balance for a long time now, but my running improved too. However, I have had to give up this program due to disc issues in my spine. So instead, I use the week 1 run on the bike, no less than 75rpms for 90 seconds and 1 minute of sprinting to increase my heart rate. These days are alternated with 45 minute walks at 6kms per hour with an incline of 1.6. The weight is coming off much quicker this way than with the running!! I live in the Middle East, so doing exercise outside is not really an option for most of the year. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you all for being so supportive. I love hearing everyones personal stories regarding c25k. I went out tonight and did week 3 run 1. It went ok but I ran very slowly. I'll let you know how my knees feel tomorrow

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