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marathon watching on treadmill

these lot inspired me to get out of my pit today and do a cheeky faster 15min run (my 30min is due tomorrow do just a fill in run) but I'm a few calories in hand by 11am in a Sunday so that one drink I can have guilt free tonight at a gig :). one thing though, thought I'd try running at 6mph (10min mile) only for one min mind, my god how do people do that??? that was like a proper 100m sprint for me there is no way ever I could maintain that! I am only 5.2 but still people my height are running at 5 min miles in the marathon! Jesus!!!! think I will stick to my 4mph pace (which still kills me) ha ha

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I know it's crazy watching the pace those marathon runners go at and then they pick it up for a sprint at the end! I can't imagine with any amount of training my body would be able to do what they do, it must be genetics!


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