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W8 R1

Just been out for my best run ever. I had been debating whether or not to go, as I had been feeling quite lethargic, but thought it might perk me up. I extended my route once again to try and make my run last for around 30 mins and started off at my usual pace. I'm not sure how everybody else manages their pace, but I just let my legs do their own thing and I run almost on autopilot now. I was amazed that on my 15 minute check my pace was still sub 7m/km and I still felt quite fresh so kept at it. I almost felt myself sprinting at one point (admittedly downhill). My progress throughout this program has amazed me, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I am going to have to find a completely new route for when I graduate as I have exhausted all extensions now to 4.34km and still only running for 29 minutes. I am going away for a week tomorrow so will have to resort to running the next couple on flat ground or a treadmill, but looking forward to my graduation run the day after my birthday. I wonder if I can reduce my splits down from 6:42/km down to the magic 6:00/km in time??

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Your pace is really good, I'm please to read that W8R1 went well for you.

Running on the flat should theoretically make your pace better.

Good luck, and it'll be lovely for you graduating on your birthday, I think the benefits to your health you have achieved is the best present you could give yourself.

keep up the great work.


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