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Week 8 run 1

Well, last night I did my first run of week 8. I started off faster than usual, so by 5mins I was absolutely shattered.!! By 10mins I was feeling it, then at around 15mins I finally found my stride!

My calves were aching and my heart rate up higher than usual, but when 28min finally came I had done my lap and a bit more of the lake! Bet my time round to the boat house by a min or two, and when I finally check my stats found out my average speed was 6.2kmh, and I'd ran 2.85km! So no wonder I was tired and found it hard going - my speed iis usually 5.5 - 5.kmh.

Downside is today my knees are really aching! Off to the gym tonighjt, so hopefully that will free them up a bit, run 2 due to be done tomorrow! Let's see iif I can stay in the 6s! - it would be amazing to be able to come close to completing 5k by the end of thjis program!

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Brilliant job, upping your pace must be a great confidence boost.

Hope your knees ease up ready for R2 :)


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