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I am doing W7-R1 tomorrow. I just signed up today for the 5K that motivated me to start this program. Yeah! Me and 2000 women running a 5k on May 6. I just looked at the route and it looks a lot further (with some hilly parts even) than i can imagine being ready to run in the next 18 days. Did i set my sites too high? I am consistant and have never missed a day of training, but after 9 weeks, you really aren't running a full 5k, are you? What have i gotten myself into! (soundtrack begins)

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Some people do achieve 5k in 9 weeks, but from what I can see on here, they are the exception. I did a similar thing to you, signed up for the Sport Relief 3 miles but wasn't even on track to complete the 9 weeks by race day. Just so as to avoid making myself ill on the day, I built up my distance very quickly the couple of weeks before the race till I could run 5k in about 45 mins. It was OK but not a lot of of fun, and I wish I'd had time to take the programme at the proper pace. I am now on Bridge to 10k and have just clocked a 41 minute 5k so it's going down slowly!

NB people say you'll be carried along with the atmosphere on the day and will probably do better than in training. My local Sport Relief didn't have any atmosphere to be honest!! but yours sounds like much more of an event so should be fine. Remember you can always walk parts of it - I've been doing some walking intervals again as part of my programme, and it makes me faster overall :-)


I totally agree, when I do walking intervals it helps :)


Don't worry, I did two previous 5 k's with no training, I think it's down to the amount of people running with you and the support you get on the way around, You'll be fine :)


Hi handstand!

Well done for signing up for the 5k! You are going to be fine! I graduated on Easter Sunday (8/4) - running 3.6km in the 30mins - I chugged along the week after graduating and then thought I'd give it a go on Monday (16/4) I ran 5k!! In 43 mins..

That was without a reason - without thousands of other people or anyone cheering me on.. so with those added things you will FLY!!

So yes I think you can do it (within a week or two of graduating) - what you've taught yourself is pace and stamina - and what it turns out is that you can just keep plodding on!

Enjoy!! Good luck and make sure you let us know how you get on!



Hiya! I am only done with week 2 now, very surprised to hear the 30 minutes is not getting 5km! I have also signed up for a 5k race and thought I was well on track as week 2 gets me 3.7km? Am I being over optimistic?

Handstand - good luck! I am sure you will be fine on the day!!


I didnt get to 5k by the end of the programme but after I graduated in late Feb, built up to 5k in about 40 or so mins.

You will be fine doing that 5k even if you end up walking part of the way, if only because of the numbers doing it!

I had intended doing a Race for Life in late May as my training focus but ended up being coaxed by my sister to do a 5k parkrun in early March. I didnt like being overtaken by dozens of younger fitter thinner people (although I knew that would happen!) and I thought I was struggling as I took a few short walking breaks, but ended up doing it 6 mins faster than my 5 k training run the week before!

If there is a parkrun anywhere near you I recommend it x


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