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W8r3 / W9r1 - who's taking who and when?

We set off just after lunch on what should have been w8r3 today but actually did a sort of w9r1. Poppy's got an appointment at the vet for an operation in the morning so will not be running for a while afterwards. As a bit of encouragement for us both we went on a run / brisk walk at her pace following the music to w9. I was feeling a bit guilty at the thought I might compete all this without her so promised she could have a go at week 9.

We didn't exactly run the whole way, it seems like after lunch is when the chatty dog walkers are out and about and we met quite a few. As this run was Poppy's treat we didn't rush and Poppy definitely took the lead - one dog walker commented "who's taking who?". We did it, sort of, 30 minutes of week 9 but at a week 8 (or maybe 1) pace. Poppy's the fittest we've seen her, full of bounce and definitely much healthier - just need to get that fit myself now, only perhaps without the wet black nose ...

Elder daughter says she'll accompany me for the next couple of weeks to see me through repeating the last run of w8 and into w9, but I'll miss Poppy so am hoping she'll make a quick recovery to be back running alongside / in front / behind / under my feet again soon.

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Hope that Poppy is ok and makes a speedy recovery. Amazing how quickly animals bounce back.

Keep us posted with her progress...


Hope Poppy is OK. It is amazing how they just become part of the fabric of the run and really enjoy it too. My 8 year old groodle has a new spring in her step as well. Good idea to take your daughter next week as company :)


Aw Poor Poppy :( Hope she'll soon be recovered. Keep going for Poppy, you can always resume when she's fit enough.


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