Couch to 5K

First go, didnt complete but didnt fail :)

Ok had my first go this today and for not doing anything really before this I am happy.

I didnt do all 8 runs, missed 4, 6 and 7. but kept walking through.

Oddly this hasn't made me upset but stregthened my conviction to carry on. I did much better than I expected. :)

So rest day tomorrow, will go for a walk anyway but no running and back to it Wednesday.

I can see how it would be easier outside where you keep your own pace. Took me a bit to get used to increasing the pace on the treadmill. Depending on the weather may try it Wednesday.

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Well done at least you didn't give up, I am on wk 6 r2 and did not think I would get this far, good luck.

Janet x


Well done, and good luck, this is a really amazing programme - it has turned me from someone who has avoided running since leaving school 34 years ago, to someone who is training for a 10k - eek!


Hey Zagel, well done for getting started. I did nearly exactly the same on the first one, but am one week 3 and running for 3 minutes. Keep it up you will be amazed by the improvements. Just take it really slow so you can get through each session. I would say definitely run outside, treadmill is just not the same. It's great to have some changing textures and slight up and down under your feet. Good luck for Wednesday :)


I've been doing exactly the same. I started last week and am continuing with week 1 this week until I can complete it properly three times. I too don't feel disheartened, if anything it illustrates how unfit I am which is all the more reason to stick with it. I did slow down a bit yesterday and that helped. I'm 50 next year and have never run in my life. The posts on here are really encouraging, so thanks.


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